Bernard F. Mathaisel, Executive Advisor, Achievo Corporation

Bud Mathaisel currently serves as Executive Advisor to Achievo Corporation. In 2007, he joined Achievo as Senior Vice President and CIO, and then was assigned to be COO North America and Europe. Achievo is a US HQ Company providing IT and software services with over 1,700 employees worldwide, 80 percent of whom are software engineers in China.

Prior to joining Achievo, Mr. Mathaisel was senior vice president and CIO for Solectron Corporation, a leading technology hardware manufacturer. Before that, he served as the global CIO at Ford Motor Company and The Walt Disney Company, respectively. Earlier in his career, Mr. Mathaisel was the founding director of Ernst & Young's Center for Business Innovation in Boston.

Mr. Mathaisel serves on the board and audit committee of e2open, a software infrastructure service company that provides collaboration and supply chain software and services for the electronics and aerospace industries He is on the technical advisory boards of several technology companies including Baring Private Equity Asia. He is a member of the Audit Committee Roundtable of Orange County. He has also served on the boards and audit commitees of Packeteer, QD Technologies and AcXess.

Mr. Mathaisel is a member of CIO Magazine's editorial advisory board and has been a McKinsey reviewer for the Harvard Business Review. He is a researcher and writer for PwC on technology strategy, and a technology consultant/advisor as part of GLG Group and Tribeca Insights. He also provides executive consulting on business strategy and information technologies for both large and start up companies.

Mr. Mathaisel received bachelor's and master's degrees in science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with high honors.